OAO SCMN Trust will construct the storage for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at Purov ZPK

Construction and engineering company OAO Sibcomplectmontazhnaladka (OAO SCMN Trust), forming part of HMS Group, and OOO Purov ZPK (subsidiary of OAO NOVATEK - leading independent manufacturer of natural gas in Russia) concluded the agreement on construction of liquefied hydrocarbon gas storage for second turn plant. According to the agreement tank farm, pump-and-compressor station, power unit with the operator's room, control assemblies, water-supply and sewage pumping stations, emergency diesel power station, technical and engineering systems are stipulated to be constructed at Purov ZPK. Purov ZPK was built by OAO NOVATEK in 2005. The functions of general contractor for object's construction were executed by OAO SCMN Trust. OAO SCMN Trust is specialized in designing and construction (including on "turnkey" terms) of hydrocarbon collection, storage, processing and distribution objects in oil and gas-condensate fields in Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, and in Tomsk region. The main customers of OAO SCMN Trust are OAO Oil Company Rosneft, entities of TNK-BP group, OAO NOVATEK, the subsidiaries of Gazprom.

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