Energy audit, energy efficiency optimization

The team of HYDROMASHSERVICE and HMS Group companies’ designers carries out energy audit and tailored pumps selection for every hydro technical system and provides essential consulting to customers to highlight and eliminate the reasons of ineffective pumps operation.

Pumping systems energy efficiency optimization is a complex task with a lot of factors depended upon. Main of them includes the correct pump selection according to the system requirements, elimination of pump operation control with the help of valves, high-performance pumps use.
The main condition for effective and reliable pumping equipment operation is coordinated pump operation within the system. Working in this direction is one of the top priorities for specialists of the HMS Group – the Russian pump market leader.

HYDROMASHSERVICE provides a wide range of pumping equipment produced by HMS Group companies (HMS Livgidromash, Livnynasos, Promburvod), and promptly develops and delivers tailoring solutions of adjusting equipment to customers system requirements for significant power consumption reduction and pumping equipment durability increase.

Facilities design and turnkey projects execution are carried out with applying the principles of energy saving and performance.