Pumping equipment upgrade

HYDROMASHSERVICE conducts pumping equipment upgrade together with HMS Group manufacturers and specialized units.

The main upgrade goal is not mere pump’s initial capabilities restoration but to improve the equipment structure with applying the most recent R&D achievements to pass them over for better customer satisfaction.

We design and upgrade pumps and pumping assemblies, pumping stations for household and public utilities, oil & gas, chemical processing, thermal & nuclear power, supply spare parts and components to increase performance of older products and machines.

The upgrades are performed according to the customer’s specific requirements or our specialists’ recommendations based on trends and evolving industry’s requirements.

CNS pumps repair and upgrade for oil & gas

The CNS pumps upgrade project consists of the nine basic stages:

  • Customers’ modular pumping station (BKNS) audit:
        - the actual pumping equipment state determination;
        - customer’s approval of required pumping parameters (Q, H,);
        - the actual electric power consumption determination.
  • Optimized pumps parameters definition, repair & upgrade kits manufacture.
  • Pump repair and upgrade.
  • Pump rig testing and trial running with mechanical seals in the presence of a customer and test results registration.
  • Pump installation, adjustment, commissioning at the customer’s facilities.
  • Modular station’s pumping assembly testing to confirm rig test results.
  • CNS pumps servicing during the entire warranty period.
  • CNS pumps condition monitoring in the course of operation.
  • Service maintenance in the course of operation.