Integrated procurement

HYDROMASHSERVICE has wide experience of pumping, oil & gas and other equipment integrated deliveries and large-scale EPC execution.

We developed integrated customer approach so we can offer the best options of high-performance equipment supplied and overall positive economic effects. Multidimensional cooperation allows us to provide our customers with additional benefits while executing sophisticated multilevel projects.

The company supplies a wide equipment range in various configurations: pumps, compressors, oilfield equipment, measuring equipment including skid mounted.

Delivery terms and conditions are individually negotiated for each order.

Pumping equipment

Pumps are supplied according to the customers’ requirements as a whole unit with electric motors or separate delivery of pumping components, electric motors and spare parts.

Pumping equipment offered by HYDROMASHSERVICE is intended for wide tasks, various capacities, and it is used in the households and public utilities, oil & gas and chemical processing, thermal & nuclear power, pulp & paper and other industrial purposes.

Based on their operation principle pumps supplied are divided into non-positive displacement pump, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps (for example: gear, piston, plunger pumps).

The most typical pumping equipment categories offered are:
  • pumps for pure water
  • pumps for hot water and steam condensate
  • pumps for household and industrial sewage
  • pumps for paper pulp and suspensions
  • pumps for chemically reactive fluids
  • pumps for abrasive hydraulic fluids
  • pumps for oil & products, liquefied gas, broad fraction of light hydrocarbons
  • pumps for multiphase mediums
  • dispensing pumps

Pumping stations

The company offers modular pumping stations with various configurations and equipment status.

The equipment status and the range of equipment set are determined by the project statement, specific features of the functional purpose and customers preferences.

We supply modular pumping stations used in the oilfields for maintenance of reservoir pressure and in other technological purposes; domestic pumping stations; fire-fighting and diesel-engine pumping stations:

  • Modular pumping station BKNS for reservoir pressure maintenance systems
  • Floating pumping stations
  • Block unit for the inhibitor dispensing pumping station
  • Pumping station for the submersible borehole pumps’ hydraulic drive
  • Modular multiphase pumping station
  • Condensate evacuation pumping unit
  • Pumping stations for artesian wells
  • Sewage pumping station
  • Fire-fighting pumping station

Compressors and units

HYDROMASHSERVICE supplies state-of-the-art compressors and customized solutions.

Spare parts and components

HYDROMASHSERVICE delivers spare parts and components for pumping and compressor equipment manufactured by Russian and CIS-countries companies.

Spare parts are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications and requirements of pumps designers with testing and technical quality control applied.