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HMS Control L3 pump control panel

HMS Control L3 panel


The HMS Control L3 panels are intended for control and protection of the electric motors driving single borehole, submersibe, or surface installation pump (overhung, double suction, etc.) in the following applications:

  • Water supply form boreholes, wells;
  • Level control in storage tanks;
  • Pressure maintenance in water supply systems;
  • Dewatering systems, drainage of reservoirs, open pits, etc.

Applicable sensors:
  • Pressure relay;
  • Electric-contact manometer;
  • Floating sensors of level;
  • Electrode sensors of level.

  • Pump switching off at overload/underload (protection from «dry running», without sensors)
  • Water level control in a borehole using the «dry running» sensor
  • Control of mains voltage
  • Phase rotation, break, distortion
  • Resistance check of the motor winding before a pump start
  • Motor winding temperature control (optional, sensor is required)
  • Fault control of connected sensors
  • Pump shutdown in case of external accident signal
  • Short circuit protection
  • Surge voltage protection

User interface panel

Display items on the user interface panel:
  • Condition of connected sensors
  • Current consumption
  • Voltage on each phase
  • Total hours of pump operation (hours/minutes)
  • Total number of motor starts
  • List of recent failures

Panel designation

Standart versions

Direct-on-line start Soft start Rated current, А Motor power, kW*
HMS Control L3–25-IP54 HMS Control L3–25-P-IP54 1…25 1.1…9
HMS Control L3–40-IP54 HMS Control L3–40-P-IP54 20…40 11...17
HMS Control L3–60-IP54 HMS Control L3–60-P-IP54 35…60 18.5…22
HMS Control L3–80-IP54 HMS Control L3–80-P-IP54 55…80 27...37
HMS Control L3–100-IP54 HMS Control L3–100-P-IP54 75…100 45
HMS Control L3–120-IP54 HMS Control L3–120-P-IP54 95…120 50, 55
HMS Control L3–160-IP54 HMS Control L3–160-P-IP54 115…160 65, 75
HMS Control L3–200-IP54 HMS Control L3–200-P-IP54 155…200 90
HMS Control L3–250-IP54 HMS Control L3–250-P-IP54 195…250 110
HMS Control L3–300-IP54 HMS Control L3–300-P-IP54 245…300 132

Available options:

Н – overvoltage protection: the panel is switched off the mainline
М – surge protection (lightning and connection surges)
Р – switch-disconnector at the panel cover
Т – motor winding temperature sensor (PT100 /PTC)

* Approximate values are given. Some pumping units may have different rated current values at given power. Please refer the manual.

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