A24NV18x1 semi-submersible pumps for reservoirs

Semi-submersible electric driven pump A24NV18x1


The semi-submersible electric driven pump A24NV18x1 is designed for pumping oil out from Ferro-concrete reservoirs in the oil pumping stations.


1. The unit is constructed for installation in the reservoir using the pump backbone.

2. The unit is designed for operating in the following conditions:

  • Outdoor with a temperature range from -60°С to +40°С;
  • In areas with seismicity of up to 9 on a МSК-64 scale;
  • In explosion-hazardous areas of Class 2 according to DIN.

3. Design features:

  • The pump upper thrust bearing is lubricated with cold resistant oil XADO Atomic Oil. The bearing case has got labyrinth seals preventing oil leakage from the bearing;
  • The oil is cooled by the fluid flown, that is circulated through the coil placed in the bearing oil cushion, while the fluid flown comes all the time to the coil from the liquid end and returns to the reservoir;
  • The pumps central bearings lubrication for the unit start-up period is performed by the fluid supplied from the central bearings starting tank through a special pipe. Fluid comes continuously to the starting tank from the pump liquid end and returns to the reservoir. The starting tank is supplied with the liquid peak level warning device;
  • The pump’s shaft mechanical seal is a single face seal with additional ring and advance to friction couples of fluid flown from the starting tank of the mechanical seal. The starting tank is equipped with liquid peak (min and max) level warning devices and an emergency unit shutdown device in case of a leak from the mechanical seal;
  • Discharge pipes from starting tanks of face seals and central bearings, cooling oil discharge from the face seal and from the thrust bearing coil are attached to the drive line with the outlet below the reservoir minimum level;
  • The unit is equipped with the electric heating system. Heating is intended for the pump upper thrust bearing, face seal, central bearings starting tanks and mechanical seals with their support pipes.


Capacity - 1200 m3/h;
Head - 40 m.

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