PEA 1840-80 feed water pumps

PEA 1840-80 pump and APEA 1840-80 electric driven pump based upon


APEA 1840-80 electric driven pump is intended to supply feed water from the deaerator vessel to the vapor generator of NPP 2006 power generating unit.


  • The pump meets all Safety Class-3 and Earthquake Resistance Level-II requirements based on NP-001-97 and NP-031-01 Gosatomnadzor safety regulations and is supposed to function during the 6-point SLE according to the МSК-64 scale.
  • Pump, filter and throttling device housings belong to C-group and meet all requirements of Gosatomnadzor safety standards and regulations.
  • The unit has been manufactured for use in the regions with moderate and cold climate with a temperature range from - 30 to + 55 °C)

DESIGN features:

  • Centrifugal, horizontal, barrel insert, four-stage pump comes with the first stage with a primary wheel;
  • Axial load affecting the pump rotor is absorbed by the balance piston and plain thrust bearing;
  • Pressure-lubricated friction bearings serve as rotor supports;
  • Mechanical seals are single mechanical face seals. the structure includes built-in heat exchangers (thermal barriers) and external heat exchangers to ensure face seals operation;
  • The pump structure allows its warm-up with feed water from the deaeration vessel before its startup as well as capability to discharge the fluids flown from the housing cavity;
  • The individual lubrication unit mounted on a separate frame is included;
  • Pump comes with a thermal and noise insulation set.


Capacity – 1840 m3/h,
Head – 910 m,
NPSH –15 m,
Performance – 84%,
Controlled fluid temperature – 164 C°,
Rotary speed – 2980 rpm.

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