Vertical sand pumps type PRVP, PKVP, PVP

Vertical sand pumps type PRVP, PKVP, PVP

Semi-submersible centrifugal vertical sand pumps are applied for pumping of abrasive slurries (pulps) with high content of solids (up to 25%* by volume), density of pumped slurry up to 1300 kg/m3*, pH value from 6 to 8, maximum size of pumped solids not more than 10 mm and temperature of pumped slurry up to 70 °С.

* If data is higher than specified above please contact manufacturer



Mining, metallurgy, potash industries, thermal energy (combined heat and power stations and state regional power plants), hydromechanization, oil sand processing, mining and processing of sand-and-gravel.


Pumps type PRVP, PKVP, PVP are centrifugal single-stage, single-casing pumps with one-side intake of slurry to impeller. Discharge pipe with flange coupling is directed vertically upwards.

Vertical sand pumps type PRVP, PKVP, PVP

Designation: 1. Cover plate; 2. Discharge pipe; 3. Cover plate liner insert; 4. Impeller; 5. Frame plate liner insert; 6. Frame plate; 7. Shaft sleeve; 8. Spacer; 9. Shaft with bearing assembly; 10. Bearing housing


Design features
Pump type
Intake of soil to impeller
Via protective grip from the top Via suction nozzle from below
Lining of flow path inner surface
- Organic bond abrasive material
- Natural rubber
- Polyurethane (option)
- Natural rubber
- Polyurethane (option)
Organic bond abrasive material

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