Nuclear Power

HYDROMASHSERVICE supplies reliable nuclear power plant pumping equipment and solutions:

  • Pumps design for specific systems and according to stricter safety requirements,
  • Pumps testing on the own HMS Group test facilities(capacities up to 14 MW),x
  • Installation supervision and commissioning,
  • After sales and service maintenance.


  • Boiler Feed Pumps of PEA, PTA, PD series

HMS Group enterprises are developing boiler feed pumps for PWR Power Plants (pressurized water reactor power plants).

  • Condensate pumps of KsVA series
  • Nuclear power plant safety system pumps: Spray-cooling system pumps, CNSA of D type; Reactor shutdown cooling system pumps of CNA type; Reactor shutdown cooling system pumps of CNR, CNSA, D type
  • Nuclear power plant lubrication system pumps:
    - Turbine bearing lubrication system pumps, D, 1D type
    - Primary Circulation Pump bearing lubrication pumps, А1 ЗV type
    - Condensate and boiler feed pump bearing lubrication pumps of АS-NMSH and АS-SH type
The pumps are manufactured according to the client’s individual requirements.
  • Nuclear power plant service system pumps
  • Heat transfer pumps of SE type
  • Service system CAN-type pumps
  • Horizontal split case double suction pumps of type D
  • Centrifugal multistage chamber pumps of CNSg and 1CNSg type
  • Centrifugal SM-type pumps 
  • Centrifugal pumps of К and 1К type with overhung impeller
  • Peripheral pumps of VK (S) type
  • Vacuum water-circuit pumps of VVN type

HMS Group engineers are qualified to develop any type of nuclear power plant pumps.

HMS Group produces pumping equipment of Safety Class 2, 3, and 4, and Earthquake Resistance Level I, II, and III according to nuclear power standards and regulations.

Nuclear power plant safety system pumps are certified to EGT 0013-2000 by Rosatom, Gosstandard, Gosatomnadzor.
Pumping equipment by HMS Group enterprises has been installed in all Russian designed nuclear power plants.

HYDROMASHSERVICE holds a license to manufacture nuclear power plant equipment №CO-12-101-5029.