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CNSDp double casing pumps (BB5, API 610)


Double-casing, radially split, multistage
between-bearings pumps, BB5 type (API 610)


CNSDp pumps are horizontal, double-casing, radially split, multistage, between-bearings pumps of a BB5 type (barrel pumps), in full compliance with ANSI/API standard 610 (ISO 13709:2009).


  • Water injection into reservoirs to maintain formation pressure
  • High-pressure oil refining processes
  • Various applications in petrochemical and gas processing industry
  • Gas condensate treatment units


  • Capacity: up to 1840 m³/h
  • Head: up to 2800 m
  • Pressure: up to 300 bar
  • Max temperature: + 400 °C


Duplex steel (D-1 class according to API 610 11-th Ed.)

Super Duplex steel (D-2 class according to API 610 11-th Ed.)

  • Pressure casing: duplex steel GX2CrNiMoCuN-25-6-3-3
  • Inner case parts: duplex steel GX2CrNiMoCuN-25-6-3-3    
  • Shaft: duplex steel X2CrNiMoN-22-5-3
  • Wear rings parts: hard-faced duplex steel
  • Pressure casing: super duplex steel GX2CrNiMoN-26-7-4
  • Inner case parts: super duplex steel GX2CrNiMoN-26-7-4
  • Shaft: super duplex steel X2CrNiMoCuWN-25-7-4
  • Wear rings parts: hard-faced super duplex steel

Double-casing, radially split, multistage between-bearings pumps CNSDp, BB5 type (API 610)


  • The pump rotor is hydraulically unloaded by the oppositely arranged impellers fixed on the shaft by their press fit, embedded rings and shaft keys.
  • The outer casing is engineered and rated for the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP).
  • Suction and discharge nozzles are directed vertically upwards. The pump supports are located on a centerline. The inner casing of a cartridge type consists of the radially split sections with metal-to-metal sealing and additional rubber rings completely eliminating internal circulation of the liquid. Due to a cartridge design the inner casing can be replaced on the site of operation without dismantling the outer casing.
  • The pump rotor is supported by the segmented bearings with forced lubrication system.
  • The residual axial force arising as a result of uneven wear of impellers' seals during operation is accepted by the Mitchell type thrust bearing with self-aligning pads and leveling system.
  • An oil pump of the lubrication system can be optionally installed on the main pump shaft.
  • The rotor sealing can be either single or double mechanical type in accordance with API 682. Pressure in the sealing system is maintained by a hydraulic accumulator. The impeller of a mechanical sealing provides circulation of the barrier fluid that is cooled in a heat exchanger. The pump is connected with a drive through the elastic diaphragm coupling.


Highly-corrosive seawater, stratal water and waste water (including the fluids containing hydrogen sulfide):

  • Density, kg /m3: up to 1180
  • Max size of solid particles, mm: 0.2
  • рH value: 4 ... 9
  • Oil content, mg/L: up to 200
  • H2S content, mg/L: up to 400


Depending on the pumped media the average operational lifetime amounts to:

  • Mean time between overhauls (MTBO): over 40000 hours
  • Casing parts service life: over 30 years


Double-casing, radially split, multistage between-bearings pumps CNSDp, BB5 type (API 610)

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