Pump SCADA systems

Pumps Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System (SCADA)


The pumps supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) is intended for the following tasks

  • Data collection about current operation parameters and equipment status at the water supply system objects;
  • Remote control of equipment in operation;
  • Recording and backing-up of the system events, process and equipment parameters.
The system is based on the «HMS Control» series panels implementing a comprehensive management of the water supply facilities:
  • Borehole water intakes;
  • Water tanks;
  • Pumping stations of the second and third lift;
  • Measuring points;
  • Pressure boosting stations.
The system admits connection to a various supplementary process equipment, valves, etc.


  • Reduction of power consumption;
  • Reduction of equipment operation costs;
  • Reduction of required service personnel number;
  • Reduction of response time for emergency situations;
  • Increase of efficiency of the water supply objects;
  • Increase of intervals between maintenance;
  • Real-time access to actual data of the equipment condition with automatic record of system events and back-up;
  • Analysis of accumulated data for optimization of equipment operation.

The system operates in the following modes

  • Automatic: all the control panels operate with equipment by preset algorithm; the supervisor performs general control and intervenes in the system’s operation, if necessary, in case of abnormal situations, accidents, etc.
  • Manual: the supervisor operates with equipment remotely from his automated workstation.

Depending on the objects location and distance between them the following communication ways are applied:

  • Wired public or local networks
  • GSM / GPRS modem
  • 433 MHz radio band

The main elements displayed at the system interface:

  • Water supply system objects diagram (can be imposed on the objects’ location map)
  • Process scheme of each object
  • System events and log of accidents
  • Diagrams or tables of the equipment parameters within a period of time

The following data can be displayed on the operator’s automated workstation screen:

  • Pressure in pipeline or in the wellhead (for borehole pump)
  • Water consumption
  • Water levels in tanks
  • Temperature of the motor winding or bearings (depending on the pump type)
  • Speed of pump shaft (frequency converter is required)
  • Electric parameters (e.g. voltage, current)

The operator can perform the following actions from his automated workstation:

  • Starting / stopping of the pumping units
  • Changing of the pumping units performance (frequency converters are required)
  • Control of valves and other processing equipment
  • Browsing of the equipment data files, logs and reports for any period (day, month, week, year)

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